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Ice Boat Legacy

am_flagSo the time has come where retirement and the search for warmer winter weather has taken its hold on my father. I soon became the owner of my dad's ice boats (with some begging of course). This was nothing short of the flag ceremony at the changing of the guards, if you know what I mean. You would think I was being handed the septer and orb, the keys to the kingdom! I'm still not sure my father felt that way, but I sure did.

Well the next step was to wait for the weather and wait I did. I think this was the warmest winter on record. Of course as an official "ice boater" now.. *ahem*... we don't like snow, we prefer cold and dry (really cold). Soon it came, the lake was freezing over and colder weather approached.

Will the weather hold out?

Will it warm up and ruin my winter plans?

With the weather in somewhat decent condition and the lake frozen as far as I could see, I invited some friends to join me on the lake for a day of ice boating. The day before the gathering and with cold weather (no snow) holding on, I walked around the lake for an inspection or at least the area we were going to play.

The lake was frozen, but it did have some dangerous spots of concern. Like the preasure crack in the middle of the lake that never fully froze over and a place close to the swimming area that had a concrete retaining wall facing south. This area was open water due to direct and indirect sun light. Good news was we weren't going to be in this area.

The day came and we had a blast. Many people on the lake playing hockey or just skating were amazed at the performance of the boats and in awe of the fun we were having. Days later, my firends were still talking about the great time we had. Next time, I think I'll post a sign for free rides to get some more people interested in the sport. The more, the marrier.

The one person I was glad to see with a smile on his face was my dad. He has passed on a legacy that I hope to pass on to my children.

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